Friday, July 30, 2010

Pay it Forward Friday

Kelly at Blue Frogs Legs does this amazing thing every Friday.  Remember the movie Pay It Forward, well she promotes that kind of love, sharing and giving every Friday. Last Friday she was visited by a young girl asking for donations for the local women's shelter; you can read about it here. And that prompted her to challenge her readers to Pay it Forward to their local shelters.

Today that is what I am doing. I think it is such a great idea, and you never know what life may throw at you, trust me!! And there are so many things you probably have lying around your house that could be so very useful if not important to some of these woman who have to leave their houses at a moment's notice. Unused toiletry items, gently used kids toys, baby items. These are all greatly needed. Call your local women's shelter and see what they need, and donate it!

Today I challenge you to so just that! Donate to your local Women's Shelter. And then come back here and tell me about it.

And while you are at it, check out Kelly's site  you'll be sure glad you did!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Well apparently, I am an extremely versatile blogger. I have been given this award by three distinctly different and absolutely amazing ladies. Thank you so much to Mona from More Milestones, Alaina from View from Down Here, and Cori from Cori's Big Mouth. You should definitely stop by their blogs, they are a delight.

Apparently I now have to share 7 things about myself:

1. I love Disney Movies.
2. I have a secret desire to be a spy.
3. I have always wanted to learn how to fly.
4. I am a born driver. 
5. I dream in colour and think in pictures.
6. I believe in magic.
7. I like to eat raw potatoes with salt.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life With a Moron

Life with a Moron is very unpredictable. And that’s how they like it. It’s easier to keep those around you in control, when they are walking around on eggshells and easy to knock over. When you do not know what to expect, but at the back of your mind are expecting the worst, the focus is off if this type of behaviour should even be tolerated, and instead focused on what to do when

This keeps the Moron’s victims always off kilter, while the whole time alluding to the ever popular, “it’s you, not me” feeling. Morons have a way of making you feel a little crazy. Of making you do a double take on your own thoughts, feelings and insights. Morons often utilize the help of your family and friends to bring these feelings home. They create situations with their incredible manipulative skills to appear to those closest to you, that you are in fact losing a bit of your mind, and reduce your credibility. This makes them second guess you, and most importantly, you second guess yourself. And there they are swooping in like a knight in shining armour to “save” you from yourself, and make you more dependant on them.

Morons prey on your weaknesses and chip away at your strengths in order to feel better about themselves, and ultimately have the feeling of power over you. In the beginning this can be confused with a “Knight in Shining Armour” persona. But it is in fact a very devious and underhanded way of gaining power and control over you.

Check out The Moron Code, for further Moron signs and insights. In my opinion, the most important one being: Actions speak louder than words.

Living a Moron-free existence now, I am able to reflect and assimilate knowledge. I am able to focus and learn how I allowed myself to be manipulated and contorted by my Moron. I am such a believer in knowledge and education being key. It is only with knowledge can we learn from our mistakes and perhaps even impart some of our wisdom to others to help navigate this wonderful life – in a hopefully Moron-free existence.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

Living with my Moron was like a roller coaster ride, although the price for the ride was high, at times it almost cost me my life.

In real life I have always preferred the old, rickety, wooden roller coaster rides. The ones that really rock you about, and twist and turn and shake you in your seat. In my private life I thought I wanted less drama than that. I was under the impression that I wanted my fairytale romance. Problem is, the romance that is shown to us from fairy tales, and Hollywood always seem to involve drama.

The BIG kiss, the fight that almost broke them apart, the huge misunderstanding as a result of the meddling best friend, the ultimate epic romance. These are the images and stories we are blasted with from the time of our conception, and they get linked into our psyche, and can be hard to interpret. Especially when you have a Moron taking you on a roller coaster ride with all the highs and lows, and drama you could imagine.

After all, aren't you supposed to stand by your man? Isn't your prince supposed to rescue you from the fiery dragons, and fight for you against all odds? Doesn't passion mean the explosion and fireworks and doesn't all of that equal love?

It has taken me 30 some odd years to figure out the true meaning of love, and that love exists also in the quiet times..."Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres" (Corinthians 13:4-8).

Perhaps the next time I will stick to the roller coaster rides at the amusement parks, and seek true partnership and love found in my much enlightened view of true love. How about you?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life with a Moron - Boundaries

Life with a Moron can be pretty interesting. At times it can be pretty intense. At times it can be downright unbearable. And at times it can be pretty amazing. And that's the catch. There is a reason we fell in love with these suckers to begin with!!! If someone was 100% evil, we could spot them a mile away. Let's face it, even Hitler had to have at least one or two redeeming qualities in him amidst all the psychoness!!

When they are on their upswing, Morons can be the sweetest, most romantic, generous, spontaneous, affectionate human beings on the planet.  It is however that downswing, that kicks you in the ass and reminds you that your life is not all fairy tales and roses. It is more like dodge ball on broken glass, because you are always walking on eggshells around your Moron.

I think one of the reasons I stuck with my Moron is the same reason I am an optimist. (Because let's face it, no other reason I could have stuck around with the loser if I wasn't) I see potential in people very clearly. It's the same way with anything really.  I see great potential in things that others throw out or abandon, broken down houses, unkempt gardens, and apparently lost souls.  And although this is generally a good character trait, here is where it gets me in trouble. When I see the potential ABOVE what is reality, even when it is spitting me in the face. When I am gently trying to coax out that inner potential, within close contact of someone who is bestowing upon me a massive volcanic eruption, and am more worried that the lava will harm them and not me.

Unachieved potential, to me, is one one of the saddest things in this world. I am learning to realize, though, that I can aid and support someone to fulfil their potential, but they have control whether it comes out or not. And I have control of how I will or will not allow someone to treat me. Boundaries. I am learning to place mine, and hold them strong. Once you understand that no one can make you feel anything, you have control over that, it really does shift your way of thinking. Knowing something and understanding something, really are two distinct things.

Boundaries are still difficult for me to establish, but I am getting better at holding them and making them as permeable as I decide. Choice. What a new concept.

Monday, July 5, 2010

More Morons in This World Than Needed

Check out our poll below, a little disturbing, but probably closer to being representative of our population then we would like to think.


Violence against women is a serious issue in this world. This does not even take into account emotional abuse, which often goes undetected to those around the victim, as there are no bruises or physical evidence, only emotional scarring - that often takes longer to heal. Here are a few facts that may shock you (from the Canadian Women's Foundation):
  • Half of Canadian women (51%) have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.
  • Every minute of every day, a Canadian woman or child is being sexually assaulted.
  • One to two women are murdered by a current or former partner each week in Canada.
  • Spousal violence makes up the single largest category of convictions involving violent offences in non-specialized adult courts in Canada over the five-year period 1997/98 to 2001/02. Over 90% of offenders were male.
  • Thirty-six percent of female victims of spousal violence and less than 10% of victims of sexual assault reported these crimes to the police in 2004.
  • Physical and sexual abuse costs Canada over $4 billion each year (factoring into account social services, criminal justice, lost employment days and health care interventions).
  • Violence against women occurs across all ethnic, racial, religious, age, social and economic groups. Some women are more vulnerable however, and are more likely to experience violence, including women with disabilities, geographically-isolated women, young women and Aboriginal women.
  • Women are five times more likely to fear for their lives as a result of spousal violence: the violence or threat of violence was so severe that 38% of women feared for their lives compared with 7% of men.
  • Violence against women affects children. Every year in Canada, up to 360,000 children are exposed to domestic violence.
  • For children who are exposed to violence, consequences can include emotional trauma, depression, injury and permanent disability, as well as other physical, psychological and behavioural problems that can extend into adolescence and adulthood.
  • Some victims never tell anyone about the abuse: they may feel ashamed or embarrassed, or fear being stigmatized by others.
  • She may be reluctant to report the abuse to the police, either because she fears retaliation, does not believe that involving the criminal justice system can help, or fears losing her children.
  • Shelters for abused women do more than provide emergency housing and food for women and their children: they offer counseling and support to help women rebuild their lives, programming for children who have witnessed violence to help them heal, legal advice, and assistance finding affordable housing. Many shelters also raise awareness in their communities about domestic violence.
  • The cost of operating shelters for abused women in Canada totals more than $135 million each year. Shelters play a critical role in stopping violence against women, but are only part of the solution. Support for women involves a wide range of services and programs that both prevent abuse (e.g. teaching youths about healthy relationships) and help abused women rebuild their lives after violence.
Scary stuff. Good news is that we can affect change. We can educate our daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and granddaughters. Education truly is key. I believe in the power of change. I believe in the power of people I believe in myself. I am proof that through understanding, counselling, perseverance, and self-love, healing can occur, and the cycle of abuse can be stopped.

Help stop this vicious cycle. You too can do your part. Abuse is more prevalent than you think. It takes on all sorts of moronic forms. Help rid this world of abusive moronic behaviour, and make it a safer place for us all to live.

Check out the moron cures to the side for some information, or contact your local women's shelter/centre.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blog Award x2

What can I say but I am almost speechless!!! I have won a blog award twice by Kelly at Blue Frogs Legs and by Kimberly at A Spicy Boy, a Cat, and My Fat Ass. I guess that means I am moving up in the world! Eat my dust ex-moron!!! (Although he is still a moron, he is just now my ex....) Anyways, I'll try to not let this go to may head, LOL!

I guess first I must sum up my blogging philosophy in 5 words. Holy Heck, OK, here goes...
lessons learnt from living life

There. And now I am supposed to pass it along to 10 others:

1. A Dose of Positivity
2. Life Forward
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6. A Southern Belle with Northern Roots
7. This Mom Loves
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10. just stuff

Thank you Kimberly and Kelly. I encourage everyone to check out these great worthy blogs!
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