Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living Moron Free Live Chat Thurs. Sept.16 9pm EDT

I am hosting a live chat at my BlogFrog Community tomorrow (Thurs. Sept.16 9pm EDT). And would love to have you there. If you aren't a BlogFrog Member, sign up is absolutely free and painless, and you can even be completely anonymous should you so choose, or hook your profile to your blog and use it to promote your website. Up for discussion is living Moron Free, sharing some of your stories, learning you aren't the only one, who fell in love with a Moron, or dated, or married, or whatever.... kinda like group therapy with your girlfriends :)

Visit My BlogFrog Community!

So come on over, tomorrow night, grab a drink (you can type one handed) and some cookies (I know I will be having something with chocolate in it) my community is full with some amazing ladies and gentlemen. Many whom are abuse survivors (though not a prerequisite to the chat).
Hope to see you there !


Suzie Q said...

I hope you will be able to attend the next one, you missed a great chat :)

Famejunkiart said...

Hi , I wanted to stop by and say im a new follower. I found your blog on Blog Frog ...come on by and follow.

Daisy said...

Hi Suzie!

My work schedule won't allow me to attend, but I hope you get a lot of people "tuning it"!


Suzie Q said...

Well, Welcome :)

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