Monday, July 25, 2011

Motherhood with a Moron

Morons are huge opportunists.  And they use the most convenient as well as the most hurtful means available to them to make their point.  After the Lil Pixie was born - that meant her.

There were many a time where I would wake and find her gone - no note - no idea where they went or when they would be back.  Constantly keeping me on edge and reminding me of the threats that he would take her away from me.

My very first Mother's Day was one of these lucky days for me.  One important reminder that he was the one who held the control (or so he believed).  It would be 5 years later that I would have to wait to spend my first Mother's Day with her - a notion not lost on me.

Forever the contriver, manipulator and bully.  The anti was upped with her birth, and the price of losing went up tenfold.  But what the Moron failed to realise, was that my resolve and my strength grew with me when she had grown inside of me.  With that growth grew love and a will made strong for the protection of it. 

There is a reason you don't get between a mama and her cubs.  Its funny how you may not always fight for your survival - but put your children in danger and the claws come out.  I may be more of a flight than fight kinda gal, but at last resort and threatening my child - I will fight to the death.

My inner fighter was slowly being wakened.  Fear was still strong, and the Moron played those cards well - but he failed in his underestimation.  In his underestimation of the bond between Mother and child as well as his underestimation of Miss Suzie Q.

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