Thursday, September 29, 2011

My first kickboxing lesson

I am using kickboxing as my new therapy.  Using it to help me overcome my fears, and to obliterate my feelings of helplessness and of being a victim.

In order to do that, I had to get to the Martial Arts place.  I have to be honest, I was really nervous about that - but I did it!  I went to my first kickboxing class.  My goals for this class were pretty short and sweet.  Not crying was at the top of my list.  Not getting punched, was also up there.  At least I achieved half...

Here is what I learned:

1.  I have not jumped rope since being in middle school - I now know why boxers do it to get/keep in shape.

2.  I am not as coordinated as I once thought I was.

3.  Getting punched in the face by a 12 yr old - not my idea of fun - but it will remind me to keep my hands up.

4.  Perhaps watching kickboxing prior to doing it, is a good idea.  Then you can get an idea of what you are supposed to be doing, and not feel like a total idiot.

5.  Saving up for my own boxing gloves is a must - those stinky, sweaty ones from the club are pretty gross!!!

6.  Punching does not come natural to me - blocking or cowering does.

7.  Practice will hopefully make perfect.  It will at the very least provide me with copious bruises...

8.  I did not expect to be hit with such overwhelming emotions.  I am being gentle with myself, and realizing there are many facets to my healing that still need to be done.

Here is where my new therapy begins.  I am a survivor, and I am choosing to empower myself.  I intend to face my fears and kick the crap outta them!!!

Have a kickass weekend everyone.  I will be icing my wounds and nurturing my soul.  How about you?


Paula Bowser said...

That is simply awesome. A truly great idea. I have started a self defense class here and whilst it is more , well, self defending, it is an incredible tool. facing my fear comes easier to me as I have done so before.
I never considered kickboxing. Guess I thought I am to old and dont wanna leave with broken bones.
Passing on a big warm hug and some more ice. Paula

Suzie Q said...

Thanks for the warm wishes, and ice ;) You are never too old, Paula :) The Lil Pixie and I also are taking a Karate class together.  We love it!!!

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