Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a New Year

Beginnings are great.  They are a great time to take stock, plan, and re-evaluate the past. They are a fresh slate, a clean start, a chance to become the outcome we want.

The hard part is sticking to the plan. NOT reverting back to old ways, and staying the course. But, we are talking about beginnings, now.

Every year I make New Years Resolutions. Sometimes they stick, or at least partially stick - sometimes, not so much.

Here are my resolutions for this year :

1. Embrace my Suzie Qness.
2. Celebrate me.
3. Become self-full.
4. Try new things.
5. Stay consistent (blog included - trying to do at very least one post a week)
6. Want less, utilize more of what I have.
7. Focus on the Positives.
8. Follow my passions.
9. Speak my truth.
10. Enjoy Life.

Some of these I have got going on, already, just a re-affirmation of the process. Some of these I need a little work on. But afterall, we are all works in progress, right?

Hope everyone had a great Holiday.

What are your New Years Resolutions?


Suzie Q said...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this story out. Life has gotten in the way, and I think the story has been harder to get out than I had expected it to...

Christine said...

I do hope that you keep with your resolutions, including blogging more. I am dying to know what happens after your Pregnancy With A Moron - Part 4. This instant gratification girl has a hard time waiting ;-)

Suzie Q said...

Thank you for coming back :)
I hope you and yours were not hurt during these disasters - sounds scary!!!
Yes, a good Moron free New Year !

Suzie Q said...

I hear you about trying new recipes, expanding your horizons is always good!
Wow, they grow up fast, eh? Mine is 5 and holy cow, I can't believe I have a daughter in school!!!

Sheryl said...

There are a few things I hope to acheive this year.

1. I want to stay positive no matter how hard life is at the time.
2. I want to try new recipes, I am sick of eating the same things.
3. I want to take up a hobby other than reading, doing homework or surfing the net.
4. I want to spend more 1 on one time with my son. He will be 13 in March, time seems to be running out:(
5. I want to be better at actually doing things and not procrastinating about them.

suburp said...

the New Year did start with a lot of natural and personal disasters for many not far from where I live (SE Queensland) and in the Aussie mummy blogging community..
I have similar goals AND am very happy i just found back your blog - seen a while ago - this time i tucked you into my (messy) reader. but i WILL follow.
to a good year without Morons ! x

Suzie Q said...

That is very commendable!

Suzie Q said...

I plan to go for it :) I like it, short and sweet (like me) GO FOR IT!!!!

Nain @ Viewfromdownhere said...

I think those are some very commendable resolutions - go for it!

joaniemack said...

I have not made any resolutions. The only time a resolution stuck was on Dec 31, 1991, I quit smoking after 20 years. I haven't touched a cigarette since!

Dorothy said...

So far, it has taken lots of bubbles... I'll keep making and blowing them away...!!

Suzie Q said...

I liked what you said, that it is a process- not a singular event. So very true. Many people get frustrated when it doesn't happen instantly, or beat themselves up over it. Put it in a bubble, and blow it away - afriend used to say to me. May your 2011 be full of bubbles :)

Dorothy said...

My goal for 2011 is to let go of my past, particularly the 18 years I spent in a psychologically abusive relationship with a moron. Doing well so far, lots of reading, thinking, writing and meditation. Good luck with yours!

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