Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Court Support Worker Initiative

Have you heard about the great new program that is currently in effect in Ontario?  Great news for victims of domestic violence, the Ministry of the Attorney General is funding a pilot project of Family Support Workers in most family court jurisdictions across Ontario.  These specialized workers will provide assistance to victims by means of information about the family court process, aiding in the documentation of the history of abuse for the court, referrals to specialized services and supports in the community, help with safety planning related to court appearances, and aaccompanying victims to court proceedings, where appropriate.

So for those of you who are at any point of the family court process, and reside in Ontario, do look these folks up, as it is their job to help YOU!  At a time when your world is a mess, someone who can help you to navigate the court system is sure a welcomed beacon.  Speaking from experience, court can be an extremely dis-empowering and traumatic venture.  I say good on the McGuinty Government for making a positive change and perhaps some domestic violence enlightenment to those professionals within our court system.

Have you heard of this project?  Are there similar ones in your community?  What are your thoughts?


The Queen said...

I divorce two in a row.  LOL.. LOVE your title..

Suzie Q said...

Well the important thing is they are GONE out of your life :)
Welcome The Queen :)

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