Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Insecurities and Gifts from Pain

Hello everyone, feels like eons since I have been back here. Funny how life takes you on its own little journeys, and forces you to face things.

We all have them. They are in all of us, that little voice inside us that tells us we aren’t good enough, that we shouldn’t even try. And if we listen to that voice, we hold ourselves back from taking a chance and we deny the outcome of seeing what we are truly capapble of. We are in essence, living in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of hope for what may be…. 

Life's ups and downs may never fully reveal to us the true meaning of their intentions.  But if we fail to take what lessons we learn, then they are only that, just major downers in our life.  Sometimes what is learnt is a gift - despite the pain or perhaps because of it.  The gift that lies waiting for us is growth. It is the gift of change. That something good comes from all the pain.

When a crisis hits, when our world is turned upside down, when we are afraid, will we have the strength and the wisdom to welcome that gift with open arms?  Will we have the courage to face our insecurities and allow ourselves to be?

Sometimes the things we don't expect, didn’t ask for – are the best things that happen to us.   May we have the wisdom and courage to accept them.


Being Me said...

Sounds like a good prayer to seek the wisdom to recognise the gifts and the courage to see these troubles through.

Suzie Q said...

It is, and I use it often ;)

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